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It only makes sense to start off my new site with a post about the site, so here it is. My goal with this site is to express my take on the world around me through the blog, as well as showcase some of what I've done with my life through the projects.

Blog: This will be technology oriented - about the web, and otherwise. I'll share a bit about stuff I find interesting, my thoughts on new things coming out, and hopefully some tutorials (as I find time to write them) to share some of what I've learned over the years. I'd like to give back to the web, which has contributed largely to my interest in a variety of areas.

Projects: This is sort of my portfolio, but not limited to a particular category. It features things I've accomplished in everything from programming and design to art and engineering. Many of these projects are things I did back in high school, but I'm continually adding recent projects as well.

So that is a little insight as to what this site is about. Hopefully I don't get too wrapped up in all my projects to keep this active and interesting... but I'm excited about the potential this has - so stay tuned!

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