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According to, "Roll A Name is not a social networking site like any other. This is a site that focuses on visibility and self-promotion, and will help you promote just about anything you want."

It's free and easy to set up your public profile, and then you connect with other people on the site. So whatever information you want to share gets noticed by many other users. The more "friends" you connect with, the greater your visibility.

I discovered Roll A Name quite a few months ago, but just recently have I begun to explore its potential. Now, I've been accumulating friends quickly, and have noticed an increase in traffic to my website! The cool part is that your profile is visible not only to members of the site, but everyone. So you get traffic from search engines as well.

It's a great way to promote your blog, business, or just get your name out there! So go ahead and join, and then be sure to connect with me :-)

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