Resume a Firefox download // in a new session or on a different machine

Often times you may have a partially completed download that gets interrupted - whether by Firefox crashing, your computer freezing, or a network interruption. In my case, I was downloading a very large file (>4gb) and found that, a couple hours into it, it was only halfway through. I wanted to pause the download and finish it on a different computer. After a bit of searching, here is a simple method to accomplish that in Firefox, without needing other download managers, etc.

1. Pause the download if you desire to continue it later. (This may already have been decided for you from a crash)

2. You will find two files in the download location: "filename.ext" and "filename.ext.part"

3. Start a new download of the file in a NEW location

4. Pause the download just after it begins - this allows Firefox to create a new file and .part file

5. Move your original (partially downloaded) files to this new location and OVERWRITE the new files

6. Then resume (unpause) the download in Firefox, and it jumps to the point of what you had previously downloaded!

Note that resuming a download depends on the capabilities of the server, though most can do it. Also, pausing a download will create a "clean" .part file, but if you complete a download using a .part file from a crash, etc, it may still be corrupted. Good luck!

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Great tip, thanks a lot. Can't believe I didn't think of it earlier.

Once other method I've used is to resume large files using BitTorrent (of course if it is available). BitTorrent will check the hashes and will resume from the point that Firefox left it.

dzx // September 19, 2009
Okay, I did this but I only copied the original filename.ext.part since the original filename.ext is corrupted. It did resume to the point of what I had previously downloaded. I'm still currently downloading so I don't know if it'll be corrupted.

Either which, thanks a lot for the tip.

Thanks for the luck. I really hope it'll not be corrupted.
pengmolano // November 6, 2009
i did this on a non resumable server and it worked i really didn't think it would...very good advise (pot of gold :) )
thankyou for saving me from heaps of stress ;)
Mike K // February 26, 2010
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