Interactive color cube // get your hands on some RGB

This is a fun one! It's an idea I'd had for quite a while - as just an artistic sort of thing using technology. Then, the engineering department at my school hosted an "electronic display contest" offering cash prizes for neat gadgets they could put on display to draw interest to the electrical engineering program. In addition to a couple hundred bucks cash for first place, they offered up to $100 parts reimbursement. So all in all, I won $273 for this little cube - and I finally had an excuse to build something for fun :-)

Here's a video of it in action:

The idea behind the color cube was to have RGB LEDs where each of the channels would be controlled by one of the 3-axies of an accelerometer. Using white acrylic to construct the cube, the 54 LEDs (9 on each face) were diffused into a nice glow.

And here's a quick look at how I created it.
[p color_cube_1.jpg The squares of 3/16-inch acrylic][p color_cube_2.jpg Each LED was sanded to diffuse the three colors inside][p color_cube_3.jpg The acrylic cube][p color_cube_4.jpg Nice and translucent][p color_cube_6.jpg Once face of RGB LEDs][p color_cube_5.jpg All the pins tied together][p color_cube_7.jpg A quick test fit][p color_cube_8.jpg The 4 pins of each row soldered up][p color_cube_9.jpg All the LEDs installed][p color_cube_10.jpg The inner cube folded up][p color_cube_11.jpg Each row of three soldered together][p color_cube_12.jpg The accelerometer PCB][p color_cube_13.jpg The led driver circuitry built ugly style on the other side][p color_cube_14.jpg The entire circuit][p color_cube_15.jpg Ready to be folded inside the 2-inch cube][p color_cube_16.jpg Inner cube with tabs to center it in the outer cube][p color_cube_17.jpg The cube of LEDs inside the 4-inch one][p color_cube_18.jpg A quick test before sealing it up][p color_cube_19.jpg The completed cube, and a shadow box for it in progress][p color_cube_26.jpg The finished project, ready for display][p color_cube_20.jpg Light blue][p color_cube_21.jpg Blue-ish purple][p color_cube_22.jpg Pinkish purple][p color_cube_23.jpg Yellow green][p color_cube_24.jpg Light aqua][p color_cube_25.jpg Whitish]

So there you have it! It was exciting for me to have this idea finally come to life! Please view the video and comment :-)

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