Custom studio desk // designed and built... and totally worth it

A studio is one of those things that gets extremely disorderly and unbelievably messy every time you turn around, unless you have a very well planned setup and the proper equipment. And in my case, I was always reworking the way I did things due to new additions to my collection of gear. Of course, the last thing you want when you're eager to crank out a new project is to spend the day untangling cables and getting everything hooked up right. It seemed that what I needed was a nice place to spread out all my gear - set up in an organized, accessible fashion, with everything plugged in and good to go. [Enter studio desk]

As a kid in high school, I did't need one of those desks that cost twice what they should simply because they have rack mounts, fit an 88-key synth, and have room for 2+ computer monitors. The general idea was not to have to sell all my equipment to afford a piece of furniture to place it on. So I built my own - designed for my room, my equipment, and my budget.

It is a corner desk and features two wings for tabletop equipment, room for racks underneath, side compartments for a computer and other stuff, room for two monitors at eye-level with speakers beside them, and a keyboard/mouse tray that slides out over a full-size digital piano. Perfect.

[p desk_1.jpg The finished product][p desk_2.jpg Final assembly][p desk_3.jpg Work in progress][p desk_4.jpg A large slot for lots of cables][p desk_5.jpg Detail][p desk_6.jpg Keyboard tray sliders][p desk_7.jpg Compartment detail][p desk_8.jpg A look underneath][p desk_9.jpg Construction detail]

It was a lot of planning and quite a bit of work... but I've been really pleased with how well it turned out! Thanks to my dad for his valuable advice and endless supply of tools :-)

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Hey, I remember the months of prayer requests at youth group for that desk, glad you got it done, and it looks spiffy and works perfectly! great job.
Daniel Ellsworth // April 16, 2008
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