Rubik's cubing // the true sign of a nerd

My brother introduced me to the challenge of solving a Rubik's cube when he received one during a "white elephant" gift exchange one Christmas. He had been taught by a friend to solve the cube and was able to demonstrate the first two layers to me. I was immediately intrigued and looked up solution methods on the internet. Finding the one I had begun to learn, I learned the method by practicing over and over.

Upon arriving at college, I was introduced to the art of "speedcubing" by lubricating the cube with silicon spray. With a smooth cube, my solve time immediately decreased from around 3 minutes to about a minute-and-a-half. Picking up some finger tricks and reworking my moves for maximum speed was all it took to get my times consistently under one minute. Recently, my solves have been in the 50-60 second range.

Personal record

My first cube wore out from excessive use.. so it was time to find a new one. I'm a fan of the $10 cubes available at Walmart, but the stickers peal off quickly and they require adequate lubrication and breaking-in. So I ordered nice PVC stickers (from Canada), and after lubricating the cube nicely, I stripped the stickers off, cleaned it well, and applied the new stickers. Now it has a nice clean look and feel, and it's served me well for over a year now!

Worn out cube and new oneThe new cube with stickers stripped offSqueaky cleanFinished cube, with nice new stickersA true sudoku cube

My girlfriend Jaimie got me that sudoku cube as a gift. It's pretty awesome! Each face is a complete sudoku puzzle, so it's trickier to find the pieces to place. Initial solve took me about an hour... and with some practice I've been able to solve it in about 15 minutes. The key is recognizing the orientation of the numbers on each piece ;-)

I generally try to avoid getting "really into" something that's not all that beneficial... but it's just neat to show people who think it's cool to see if solved. I've also enjoyed teaching others how to solve it themself!

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Nice website. Are you going to add an RSS feed for your blog? (Note: Put this on your to do list for the summer. Don't spend time on it now! ;)

Nice anti-spam question! :)
Elijah Lofgren // April 7, 2008
Thanks for the input, Elijah! I was planning to add an RSS feed, so I did that this afternoon and also improved the forms.
Steve // April 13, 2008
I love the time line. It shows how all of your projects fit into your life.
Eric McLaughlin // April 14, 2008
Hi I am so looking to get one of the sudoku cubes but living in the UK I don't seem to be able to. Is there a special name for it as I only seem to get the single numbered ones.

Thanks for your time.

Jo Tooth
Joanna Tooth // October 20, 2009
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